Avoid Being an E-RFP Spammer!

Entry: I sat in on a webinar today titled ‘Electronic-RFP’s, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ – sponsored by Successful Meetings. What an insightful perspective from the hoteliers side-of-the-house! With the evolution of E-RFP technology, I think event planners are in some respects, like a new kid with a toy. With the simple click.. read more →

Corporate, Socially Responsible (CSR) Events Rise from the ‘AIG Effect’ Ashes

My partner and I are preparing to speak at TSE 2012. Our topic is: The New Event Trend: How to Align Your Event Productions with Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives’ so consequently, we’ve been doing a lot of research and re-living some of the memories of the recent time in our event history that was commonly.. read more →

Corporate, Socially Responsible (CSR) Events; What are They & Why do They Matter?

“Corporate Social Responsibility” I love this buzz phrase (turned must-have strategy) that has been adopted and integrated on many levels in end-to-end marketing plans and corporate branding, as well as becoming a popular HR initiative to drive a healthy employee environments & retention. Initially borne from the desire to be perceived as both socially and.. read more →