24 Jul 2012

Event Destination Spotlight – Las Vegas, NV


I used to have this internal definition of ‘off-strip’ as ‘off-my-venue-list-completely’. It wasn’t even a consideration. ‘Off-strip’ has now become the new ‘black’ of Vegas – and a popular option, but let me share my story about who converted me!

I was heading to Vegas in support of a tradeshow and just prior to leaving town, I received a marketing call from a then unknown (to me) venue – Red Rock. They invited me out to visit their property & although I thought the timing was great since I was headed to Vegas, the minute she said ‘off-site’ I wanted to politely back out & hang up. So with a sigh, I loosely agreed and promptly forgot all about it.

Fast forward to the next week, the morning of my half-hearted tour commitment. I received a confirmation call from the charming Red Rock staff making sure I was still coming out for a visit ‘Oh and by the way, we are sending our ‘Red Rock’ limo to pick you up…so come on out and have lunch!’ With another sigh, I knew I wasn’t going to refuse the hospitality & besides…it’s my goal to see at least 1-2 new properties every time I travel.

An actual ‘red’ limo pulled up & I hopped in and was whisked away to uncharted territory. We arrived before I could even finish my bottle of water (wow, that was actually not that far!) and then the magic began. I stepped out and was greeted by sincere & warm hospitality pros…but my head was swimming as I stepped into the lobby and tried to make sense of this glamorous gem I had stumbled upon!

Gorgeous & elegant, the lobby was just the beginning of this love affair. Red Rock got it right from start to finish (and I’ve heard several venues since express that they patterned their venues AFTER Red Rock…which I understand completely).

There was no sight of a casino from the lobby (which was a huge plus in my book when placing professional conferences) but I DID catch sight of a ‘Starbucks’ proudly displayed on their upper level – which is always a selling a point!

As we rolled through the tour, I felt like it was Christmas and each present I opened was prettier and more awesome than the last!! From the contemporary, rich & spacious guest rooms, to the easy & impressive flow of the convention center, featuring lots of break-out spaces offering natural light, outdoor dining options AND my personal favorite…a spectacular, circular ballroom, this property just kept pulling me in.

When we did pass through the casino area, even THAT had an intimate feel, and was graced with artfully themed restaurants around the perimeter. And then we breezed past a movie theater (perfect if families are along at the conference) and came upon Red Rock Lanes – an awesome bowling facility…BUT the best part? The special VIP Bowling section tucked in the back. It rocks. Leather couches, ambient lighting, great AV screens to project music, company logos, etc – and custom, hand-painted bowling balls. What a great on-site & interactive option!

I already knew I would do anything to convince my company (at the time) to bring their user conference to Red Rock, but then she saved the best for the last. THE PENTHOUSE SUITE TOUR. There really are no words. And no one has gotten that particular piece right when they’ve tried to duplicate Red Rock’s magic. Their suites range from fabulous to themed to exotic… to just plain amazing. No decor needed. No lighting needed. Just open up the doors, drop in some unexpected entertainment & scrumptious food and WOW every customer you have!! SOLD!!

All I can say is that I am SO glad the Red Rock staff persisted in hosting that tour…we held the most successful conference to date there last May (with rave reviews from attendees) and I can’t wait to take more meetings back.

Oh, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better? The service was impeccable!

You’ll find your own reasons to start a love affair with Red Rock… but make it a ‘must-see’ next time you are in NV!

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