10 Oct 2011

There’s Magic in Choosing the Perfect Event Venue

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Back to basics; I believe strongly that the event venue you choose is one of THE most critical elements in the placement of any meeting, conference or special event. It is the first impression your customers, prospects or staff will have of the intention behind the event. From the moment attendees arrive, the property should reflect the heart & soul of the event purpose. For this reason, I am a huge advocate of site inspections; I personally would never place a conference without one. For me, seeking the perfect venue is like the ultimate treasure hunt…and when I come across the venue gems that are out there, that is when imagination is sparked & infinite possibilities ignite.

From the moment I step foot on a property, my senses are on high alert. How do I feel even before I enter the lobby? What is the curb appeal as we pull up…how well are the grounds & property cared for…what is the tone of greeting by the Front of House staff (porters, concierge, bell stand)…I know these are all things my guests will experience too.

Upon entering the property lobby, I stand back and take it all in before announcing my arrival to their event staff. Decor, cleanliness, the type of music playing, the scent, the ambiance, the lighting, the amenities, the staff – each element creates an impression. Every venue is alive with its own energy and it’s important to tune into it from the minute you arrive & as you progress throughout your site visit. Of course each attendee will process the venue attributes in their own way…but the point is, they will draw an impression & conclusion of the many aspects offered by any venue.

If chosen correctly, the perfect venue selection can also help control budget in ways other than a savvy contract negotiation with excellent room block rates & concessions (although of course those are important too). By paying particular attention to the theme potential of a property and/or different parts of the grounds – you can build the conference theme around what is already indigenous to the venue and/or city location, often saving budget on extra rentals & decor enhancements (as well as hosting killer evening events that play off the venue attributes!)

And of course, the perfect venue will tell a story throughout the guest experience…unfolding layers of elements that serve to set the stage for a memorable meeting. The guest rooms, meeting rooms, food, activities, spa, amenities and general lay-out all play a part in the ‘whole’.

Choose wisely & your venue will provide a rich back-drop for your next, successful event!

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