We are fortunate to work with so many wonderful people. Thankfully – the people we work with think we are pretty wonderful too. Check out what they have to say below…


It is wonderful to have an opportunity to work with a company that is so well rounded. Aside from a refined eye for detail and a fierce commitment to service, NKilter has introduced the event world to the concept of Corporate, Socially Responsible Event Production. We had the opportunity to work with Laurie and Sterling on just such an event and we found the entire planning experience to be seamless and well thought out down to the very last detail. It was a pleasure to see a creative idea come to us from Nkilter and to know that a local organization in need was able to reap the benefits of corporate generosity.”

Any company looking to create successful events from start to finish should strongly consider Nkilter, and not only for their talent in ensuring details are carried out flawlessly. Nkilter has created a strong commitment to the communities they serve, ensuring every meeting or event leaves the world a better place, which is precisely what many companies ultimately strive to achieve.”

Whitney Brown, Area Director of Catering, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
Debbie Gruba, Area Director of Group Sales, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants



Laurie and her team bring a great combination of creativity and urgency into driving a compelling event that customers or employees love. The last Las Vegas event she did for our customers wowed them; from segments where they could network in a small group model to fun, entertaining segments where the tone was uplifting and motivational.

She and her team are very creative within tight budget guidelines, and even at short notice, can change design/constraint parameters in a way that would defeat less resilient players. I encourage other companies to rely on Laurie & her team for any event need, large or small.“

Dave McCann, President & CEO
Varolii Corporation



Working with Laurie is such a pleasure! Her creative solutions, forward thinking technical and problem solving skills, and easy demeanor allow her to build strong partnerships. When I have the good fortune to work with Laurie and her associates, I know that delivery of the final product will be excellent because they operate from a place that fosters trust that comes from creative, skilled, strategic project management and clear understanding of what makes an event memorable and successful!“

Suzanne Welling, CMP (25 year professional in hotel catering & conference management)



Laurie and Sterling are an unstoppable force. It’s not just that they have a gift for throwing amazing events–which they clearly do–or that their depth of experience allows them to make things easier on clients–which it does. I think the thing that makes Laurie and Sterling stand far above most event consultants is that they really, sincerely care. They love people, and they are passionate about creating memorable experiences. I’ve been to several events planned by Laurie and Sterling, including a fundraiser they planned for me, and every event has been truly remarkable–outstanding entertainment, food and ambiance. The kind of events that people have talked about long after. I can’t recommend Nkilter highly enough!

Daniel Brockley | Senior Writer & Marketing Consultant
Brockley Communications



Laurie Richardson is a one-of-a-kind event strategist. Her flawless execution, attention to detail and strict adhearence to even the smallest budget are only part of the story. Laurie excels at creating truly memorable experiences for her clients and their important guests. She does this by carefully designing each event, with nothing left to chance. She has a natural flair for creating the unique and the delightful, all with an eye for what will best meet the business objectives of each event. Laurie has developed strong relationships with the top names in the hospitality, event, destination management and entertainment booking fields to the point they always go above and beyond for her–something her clients continue to benefit from year after year.”

Robin Rees – Director, Corporate Marketing



I have had the opportunity to work with Laurie in all of her event positions over the past 15 years; from owning her own event company, through her position at Varolii as an event planner, and now as she recreates herself again with her newest venture, Nkilter. Laurie is creative, professional, and inspirational. Her unique ability to create new and exciting experiences for her clients continues to amaze me – this woman is a fountain of knowledge and innovation! Laurie is sensitive to time management, delivers on time and executes flawlessly. I highly recommend Laurie to anyone who is looking for a go-getter, someone who is flexible and easy to work with, as well as a thorough and detailed professional required to create an event with their particular needs in mind. She is quite simply one of the very best!”

Linda Zopfi
A Zopfi Production LLC



Laurie is, in a word, extraordinary. She knows what her clients, and their customers, want and need before they do. Laurie delivers flawless results, on-budget and on-time, with nary a pause or hiccup en route. Her attention to detail is legendary, and she is truly a magician with a limited budget! Laurie’s style is very inclusive, and she is a gracious host as well as a savvy negotiator. Laurie is well-connected in the industry and will help organizations large and small create the perfect experience for their intended audience. Laurie is one-of-a-kind, and I am so fortunate to have been able to work alongside her. I had a front row seat to see a passionate genius at work, and it was quite a view. I would recommend Laurie to any organization, for any event, at any price-point, without hesitation.”

Trish Potter
Varolii Corporation



I have worked with a number of event planners over the years. Never have I worked with one as talented as Laurie Richardson. She is incredibly skillful at pulling together truly beautifully choreographed events. With her meticulous attention to detail, there’s rarely a hiccup but when they occur, she’s unflappable and highly resourceful. On a personal note, she’s absolutely delightful to work with and has a genuine “heart of gold”. I recommend her without equivocation.”

Michael Ross MD, MHA | Chief Medical Officer



Laurie combines true zeal for her work with an eye for every detail, the intensity of a sprinter and the stamina of a marathon runner. She is not only efficient and effective at managing substantial events, but she has a gift for collaborating with other people, both directly and in a matrixed environment that, in my view, contributes to the success of her efforts. I’ve seen her present and drive her vision forward with executive management with the same grace, style and success that are the hallmark of the events she creates.”

Jeffery Lemkin | Principal
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