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Bringing Sustainable Brand Purpose to Your Event

The team at Nkilter are viewed as knowledgeable CSR Event Strategists in the production of Corporate, Socially Responsible (CSR) Events.

What is CSR Anyway – and Why Does it Matter?

Since the financial crisis, a closer scrutiny at the role corporations play in our society has developed. A Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) strategy is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for corporations, but rather a core discipline expected of each organization.

Three levels of CSR leadership have emerged (key CSR stakeholders within organizations): operational leaders, executives with titles such as CSR, corporate affairs, community relations or philanthropy and the CEO. The challenge corporations face is that the different groups of leadership seem completely disconnected when it comes to their CSR strategies, and have different end-goals depending on their focus. The leadership challenge is getting these three different groups to work together and align their efforts and message.

Why Are Events Such a Powerful CSR Brand Solution?

Events evoke emotion, so leveraging corporate event programs to creatively communicate philanthropic and sustainable brand initiatives is one of the least used, yet most powerful tools available to an organization.

By opening up the discussion within the different CSR leadership groups and understanding their unique sustainability or CSR goals, the Nkilter team becomes a conduit to help marry the company-wide CSR objectives to the entire event program (User Conferences, Strategic Alliance Events, Tradeshows, Internal Staff Events, etc) allowing customers, prospects and staff alike to emotionally attach to the purpose behind the event, which leads directly to brand loyalty.

In this way, we become true sustainable brand advocates for your team by helping you find creative ways to leverage your event program with your sustainable brand message.

Benefits of Leveraging Your Event Program with CSR Purpose:

Combine business and social purpose to create shared value; you are already invested in the [conference, training, awards dinner, sales meeting or holiday event, etc] so why not design each event around your company’s sustainability brand message to help drive brand loyalty and awareness with your customers, prospects & staff?

Broader communication between key CSR stakeholders helps to more firmly architect a cohesive CSR strategy that can be syndicated across all communication channels (including events).