02 Jan 2012

Corporate, Socially Responsible (CSR) Events Rise from the ‘AIG Effect’ Ashes


My partner and I are preparing to speak at TSE 2012. Our topic is: The New Event Trend: How to Align Your Event Productions with Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives’ so consequently, we’ve been doing a lot of research and re-living some of the memories of the recent time in our event history that was commonly termed the ‘AIG Effect’.

It was a challenging time to be in Event Production on any level. There was a whole plethora of fall-out; surviving the event cancellations, re-scoping event contracts, entertainment & budgets to carefully avoid any negative media attention, being challenged to intentionally choosing alternate, non-luxury brand hotels to hold programs in, adopting ‘stealth’ spending practices where it made sense…after all – events didn’t go away, we just had to find ways to produce them ‘less-lavishly’ on the surface!

As we move into 2012, I think I can speak for most of us in the industry when I say that I am happy we’ve turned the corner from that period of time; but even more-so, excited to realize the shift that was caused in the event industry as a whole.

If produced with a socially responsible theme (or ‘giving element) we as Event Managers, have the power to change the perception of events & their place in our marketing strategies.

Corporate, Socially Responsible Events can be held at beautiful venues…the guests (staff, customer & prospects alike) can still enjoy wonderful food, entertainment & decor, AND they can feel good about attending, giving & being involved with a great cause.

And even better, if the event theme has been creatively mapped to the non-profit purpose – attendees are even more excited about attending than if it had just been your typical, food/drink/band/networking event!

Not to mention the positive press corporations enjoy from this style of event…definitely a win/win/win! Maybe the AIG Effect was not as bad as it was deemed at the time…from it’s ashes has risen a very good thing!

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  1. What a great blog! As a provider of “high end” entertainment, I have experienced exactly the effect that is discussed here. I have had much success in demonstrating to fundraisers and corporate clients that, by working together, that the benefits can be felt by all parties. How good to know that this strategy has been followed by others!

  2. I would be appreciative to speak to you (805) 895-5130

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